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AngularJS jQuery UI Datepicker Directive

HTML5 has some great features - input[date] for example - which are well supported by AngularJS. BUT, take a look at caniuse.com and things aren't quite so rosy. I recently needed a datepicker for an AngularJS project, and chose jQuery UI's Datepicker Widget as a fallback for HTML5's… Read more

Ubuntu 14.04 Upgrade - zpool rescue

I run a 1.5TB Ubuntu NAS at home to store my Movies & Music - due to an unfortunate incident that nearly wiped out years of family photos, I chose raidz over mdam due to it's resiliance. Recently, that resiliance was put to the test when I decided to… Read more

Blogging with Ghost

I was fed up with the "kitchen sink" approach of WordPress, so I went looking for an alternative - I found Ghost! So, my first blog post is about how I started Ghost-ing... Install Node.js $ curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup | sudo bash - $ sudo apt-get install -y… Read more